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Terms of Payment

You may pay for any of our services by the following methods:

a.    PayPal: You will pay the published price or indicated by our seller, once this payment is credited to our account the reservation will be effective for the destination and dates chosen.

b.    Mercado Pago: If you pay through Mercado Pago Argentina with any credit or debit card (in monthly payments), you must ask your advisor for a corresponding payment button. Once the payment is credited, your reservation will be confirmed for the chosen destination and date. 

c.    Bank transfer: You must transfer or deposit to the bank account indicated by your advisor, he/she will indicate the final amount, once made and credited, your reservation for the chosen destination and date will be effective.

d.    Cash: Your consultant will coordinate the payment in person, either at the company's address or at the address of your accommodation. The totality of the final price agreed with the consultant must be paid 72 hours before the date of the contracted service.

Reservations: Reservations shall be 40% of the total value of the contracted service. They will be valid for 180 calendar days. After this time, the reservation will automatically and without prior notice be converted into a credit voucher that must be claimed to access the contracted service. Reservations are non-refundable.

3.    Cancellations: It is defined as the cancellation of the reservation or the provision of the contracted service. If in such case, the client requests the definitive cancellation of his reservation within 180 days, a credit voucher valid for two years will be created, which at the time of validation will represent the cost of the originally contracted service, and will be cancelled or discounted from the updated cost of the service at the time of contracting it.

4.    Rescheduling: The rescheduling of any date and destination will be within 180 working days after the cancellation, within the offers available at the time of cancellation. It must be coordinated and agreed with your advisor. Any destination may be rescheduled 15 days prior to the assigned date.

5.    Credit voucher: The credit voucher is a service credit note in favor of the client, in no case it can be converted into money or currency and has no exchange value. It is transferable upon notification to the company. In case of expiration of the valid terms of the voucher, there will be no claims, refunds or benefits of any kind, it can only be rescheduled once.

6.    Currency: For international customers, the accepted currency is the U.S. dollar. In the event of payment of balances or reservations agreed in U.S. dollars in Argentine pesos, this must be converted at the official rate plus taxes and fees to equate to the purchase value of the current U.S. dollar for the general public. In the event of any physical damage such as breakage, writing or stains on the bills delivered, they must be exchanged for bills in optimum conditions by the client, or the corresponding value must be transferred. 

7.    Tips: Tips are not included in the value of the service, it is recommended a 10% of the total value to be given to the head guide, which will be distributed equally among all team members involved in the service provided.

8.    Relocation: The company may relocate any type of service in the radius close to the contracted one, in the event of weather, hydrological or any other type of contingency that justifies, at the company's discretion, the optimal development of the service. Therefore, there will be no tariff adjustment, and it is contemplated within the service contract.

9.    Audiovisual content: By contracting any type of service from Sur Outfitters, the persons involved fully accept the use by the company of photographs, videos or content of any kind where they appear or participate, renouncing to any type of claim.

10.    Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances: In the event that the service could not be provided, rescheduled or relocated for reasons beyond the company's control, the service will be canceled permanently and permanently without the right to reimbursement or credit voucher of any kind.

By contracting any type of service provided by Sur Outfitters, the client and the persons involved in the service fully accept the clauses described above.
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