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Miguel Reyes

Guia de Chile. Agua salada y destinos de helifishing

Pablo Olguin

Asistente de guia

Guillermo Pisi

Guia Instructor EMPM
Instructor Andes Anglers

Pablo Aguilar Rech

Chef Instructor y Filmmakker

Ariel Barrionuevo

Jefe de Guias, Staf EMPM

Matías Fernandez

Asistente de Guia

Anibal Espronceda


Adrían 'Toto' Mahía


Lorena Valls

Host y Asistente de Guia. Atadora profesional

Javi García

Guia. Intructor de la EMPM

Jorge Aguilar Rech

Head Guide, Instructor school Dario Peemonte

Sergio Vicente

Guia Senior

Ernesto 'Pachi' Guiraldes

Conductor 4x4

Claudio Alis

Asistente de Guia

Juan Aguilar


Andrés Ortiz

Asistente de guía y Atador Profesional


We are a family dedicated to fly fishing for more than 20 years. Together with Marcela, Pablo, Nicolas, Benjamin and Magali, we began to travel to various parts of the world. We visited fantastic places in Patagonia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, the United States and Alaska. We realized that our homeland had great potential. Very different from many places and very similar to others. So we began to form our company. We learned and adapted the structure to become an organization like today.




Sur Outfitters Flyfishing is a fully registered fly fishing guide company in Argentina and Chile. It operates more than a dozen destinations, professionally and in compliance with current regulations. This allows us to permanently be at the forefront of national and international approvals. We also have a large number of multidisciplinary collaborators, who are our friends and family chosen for this trip.

Let's talk first about Jorge Aguilar Rech, who is the founder of Sur Outfitters Flyfishing. Creator of Brown Trout Argentina in 1998, where the stories inspired by Isaac Walton thrill a whole world of fly fishermen with his detailed account of facts. Jorge worked in the Fly Fishing Association of Mendoza, as a member of the Board and Secretary, organizing environmental and camaraderie events such as the One Fly. He was one of its founding members.  He is the founder of the Environmentalist Association Aguas Libres, which protects the rights to accessibility and water integrity in the central Argentinean-Chilean Andes. He is a member of the FFI, International Guides Association and instructor of the Dario Pedemonte Fly Fishing School. He is a member of the Simms PRO program and advises local businesses on an ongoing basis. His work has integrated people who believe in values, commitment and integrity. For more than 24 years, he has been working with his family and team of collaborators and friends for the development of the activity. Supported by a modern vision of organizations, Sur Outfittters Fly Fishing has a team of 14 employees and 10 consultants. 

The entire team works tirelessly and with a great commitment to offer safe, sustainable and, above all, unique fishing destinations. The vision is to create a serious and responsible tourist resource based on fly fishing throughout the region. Based on the structural solidity as an Adventure Tourism Company, on the commitment to education, the active task in protecting the environment, to provide the fly fisherman with a guided experience in a fluid way, of the highest quality and safety. The vision of our company is that you enjoy every second of your stay with us. That you fish a lot, where nobody does... that you feel unique.

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